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Recycling Services

We provide industrial, commercial & municipal services.
All our services are also open to the public.

Industrial/Commercial Accounts

CMS, LLC is a full service scrap metal recycler. We offer a variety of services for your commercial or industrial operation including roll off containers for steel, trash, cardboard, plastic and more.

For all your non-ferrous metals, we provide boxes and bins for your storage needs with flatbed service a phone call away. Once your material is picked up it is brought to our yard where it is identified and weighed under the supervision of one of our knowledgeable operations managers. We offer immediate payment or, if you prefer, we can reconcile your account on a monthly basis.

Industrial Recycling Services

Demolition/Special Projects

At CMS we understand that every business need can be unique. With our experienced staff we can help you find solutions to your challenging recycling/disposal projects.

We can process most metal on site, prepare to manageable size and arrange transportation to remove it from your facility or special project. Whether it is a one time clean up or ongoing demolition contract, our qualified personnel look forward to your business.

Demolition Project Services


Container service for steel recycling is our specialty. Whether it is high volume industrial production scrap, steel from demolition, or a one time clean up of obsolete equipment, we provide the responsive service necessary to get the job done efficiently. We pay top prices and provide prompt accurate settlements.

Scrap Steel Recycling

Consulting Services

We understand that scrap metal may not be our customers' main expertise. There are so many concerns today about hazardous materials, regulated waste, radioactive metal and a host of other issues that concern all of us.

Because of our many years of handling different materials and situations, we can provide our customers with the most widely accepted methods for recycling and/or disposal. Call us if you would like a price quote on your material or a visit to your facility for a free analysis of your current recycling program.

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